Trinity River Land and Water Summit a Success

The Trinity River Land and Water Summit on Oct. 2 in Athens was a success and fulfilled the goal of the Summit to identify watersheds where stakeholders would like to learn about the water quality issues and how to start planning efforts. Featured speakers included Todd Staples, Texas Ag Commissioner, and Bob McCan of NCBA. Read the summary and view presentations here.

Land Stewardship Webinars

You can still view last summer's webinar series and learn how land stewardship benefits land productivity and water resources. Watch Meeting the Water Needs of Texans and WildlifeTreasuring the Trinity: Challenges and Opportunities, and Turning Your Land Into a Sponge.

Land Steward Spotlight

Dr. Robert McFarlane is a wildlife conservationist and a founding member of Trinity Waters who won the Lone Star Land Steward Award in 2001.  To learn more about the work done on this ranch, click here.

Trinity Waters is dedicated to improving the quality of life, economic sustainability and ecological integrity of areas associated with the Trinity River Basin through a coalition of local communities, non-governmental organizations and stewards of private and public lands.

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