"If-and this is clearly a massive if-we were able to realize the potential of market forces in the areas of ecotourism, watersheds, and forests, then the global impact would be truly far-reaching.  We would revolutionize human interactions with our planet and make a tremendous step toward the conservation of vital planetary systems.  We would contribute to improving human health, stabilizing the carbon and hydrological cycles, and conserving biodiversity.

The importance of setting up positive economic incentives for conservation simply cannot be overemphasized….If we can get the economic incentives right, there should be much less conflict between conservation and economic progress."

"Providing the appropriate economic incentives has to be our principal tool in seeking to conserve what is important in the natural environment.  Markets can provide incentives and also a value."

                                    --Geoffrey Heal, Nature and the Marketplace

This page provides resources for landowners within the Trinity River Basin seeking to conduct restoration and other conservation practices on their land by obtaining technical and financial assistance through cost-share programs.  Financial assistance programs are available for landowners that have been devastated by drought.  Also, information regarding the economic impacts of hunting, fishing, wildlife watching, and other ecotourism ventures.

Cost-Share Programs

Resources for landowners seeking to obtain assistance for land management practices.

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Landowner Economics

Resources for understanding the economic impact of hunting, fishing, ecotourism, and land management.

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Areas of Interest

TRIMS IconView TRIMS, a tool for supporting land conservation and habitat restoration decisions in the Trinity River Basin.