Water is vital for the health of all ecosystems, and for the economic sustainability of ranchers, farmers, industries, and municipalities within the Trinity River Basin.  Effectively managing our water resources and the land that water flows over and beneath will determine the future health of our ecosystems and humans alike.

On this page, you can access information on rainwater harvesting techniques, the characteristics and importance of streams and rivers, issues within urban areas, the nature and function of watersheds, and ways to conserve water around the house and on your land.

Visit the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Water Education Network website to learn about programs focusing on Water Conservation, Water Management, Irrigation and Water Quality.

Visit the TPWD The State of Water website for information and videos pertaining to streams, rivers, bays, springs, wetlands, estuaries and other water resources within Texas.

Visit the Texas A&M TEXAS WATER website for information on surface and groundwater, water laws, rainwater, stormwater, and water marketing.

For a comprehensive look at Texas water laws, including surface and groundwater, water use, and public access to waters, look at the Handbook of Texas Water Law.


Techniques for rainwater harvesting at home and on land.

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Streams and Groundwater

The nature and function of streams and interactions with groundwater.

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Watershed Management

Describes what a watershed is and ways to restore and protect them.

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Water Conservation

Ways to conserve water around the house and on your land.

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Urban Areas

Resources for urban issues such as stormwater and drinking water standards, and urban wildlife.

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Areas of Interest

TRIMS IconView TRIMS, a tool for supporting land conservation and habitat restoration decisions in the Trinity River Basin.