Streams, Rivers and Groundwater

Streams, rivers, creeks, and bayous drain the landscape and play a key role in the ecosystem in which they are situated.  Rivers, such as the Trinity River, provide habitat for fish and other aquatic species, as well as recreational opportunities.  Specific plant communities, known as riparian areas, form along rivers that provide habitat for an abundance of wildlife and reduce flooding and pollutants as these areas store water.  As humans develop land close to rivers, they negatively affect the ecosystem by degrading wildlife habitat and water quality.  An understanding of river systems, such as the Trinity River, is essential to conserving the natural functions rivers perform. 

Groundwater is also important to understand as interactions between groundwater and surface water can have a major impact on the environment and humans, particularly in times of drought when groundwater sustains river flow.  Groundwater use comprises 60% of total water use in the state of Texas, so conserving this resource is vital for continued prosperity in the Trinity River Basin and Texas.

Surface Water

Website Links:

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Trinity River Authority Lake and River Data

NRCS Stream Corridor Restoration

Lone Star Healthy Streams

USGS Water Alert - Provides notifications if there is flooding along the Trinity River

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How we protect streams, rivers, and lakes

Guide to Freshwater Ecology

Assessing Proper Functioning Condition for Lentic (standing water) Areas

Assessing Proper Functioning Condition for Lotic (flowing water) Areas

Managing Riparian Areas

Grazing Management Processes and Strategies for Riparian-Wetland Areas

Nitrogen Management and Water Quality

Status of Biotic Integrity, Water Quality, and Physical Habitat in Wadeable East Texas Streams

Regionalization of the Index of Biotic Integrity for Texas Streams

NRCS Streambank and Shoreline Protection Handbook

Stream Restoration - Natural Channel Design Handbook

Urbanizing Watersheds and Changing River Flood Dynamics: Implications for Urban Wetland Restoration

Map of the Rivers, Reservoirs, and Bays of Texas


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Website Links:

Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts

Texas Water Development Board Groundwater Conservation Districts 


Questions about Groundwater Conservation Districts in Texas

Groundwater Conservation Districts: Success Stories

Groundwater Facts

Reducing the Risk of Groundwater Contamination by Improving Livestock Manure Storage and Treatment Facilities 

Reducing the Risk of Groundwater Contamination by Improving Livestock Holding Pen Management

Technical Guide to Managing Groundwater Resources

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