Watershed Management

A watershed is the land area that drains to a single point, such as a lake, river, or ocean.  The Trinity River watershed encompasses 18,000 sqaure miles of land area, which is 7% of the total area in Texas.  More and more attention is being paid to watersheds as land uses continually change and more pressure is being placed on water sources.  Pollution, demand shortages, and wildlife habitat are increasingly being approached from a watershed persperctive.  This means that folks are placing greater emphasis on land management practices that will affect water sources perhaps miles away.  Becoming familiar with watershed issues and solutions will enable residents of the Trinity River Basin to improve the wildlife habitat, quality and quantity of water sources within the Trinity River Basin.

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Texas Watershed Steward Education Program

The Texas Watershed Steward program promotes healthy watersheds by increasing citizen awareness, understanding, and knowledge about the nature and
function of watersheds, potential impairments, and watershed protection strategies to minimize nonpoint source pollution.  If you cannot attend a FREE one-day workshop, there is an online course available. TWS is implemented by Texas AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board. 

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Watershed Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices Implementation Appendix

EPA Watershed Approach Framework

NRCS Buffer Strips: Common Sense Conservation


Texas Watershed Steward Curriculum Handbook

Texas Watershed Steward Fact Sheet

Pollution Probe: Source Water Protection Primer

NRCS Watershed Services Publications

Increasing Bare Ground Indicates Poor Watershed Health

Reducing the Risk of Groundwater Contamination by Improving Livestock Holding Pen Management

Reducing the Risk of Groundwater Contamination by Improving Livestock Manure Storage and Treatment Facilities

Using Animal Manure and Wastewater for Crops and Pastures

Using Compost for Erosion Control and Revegetation

Know Your Plants to Protect Your Watershed


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