June 11, 2021

7 Things to Do Along the Trinity River

Trinity River is the largest water body present in the state of Texas and stretches for 710 miles. It is also the longest river contained in a single state. From the northern tip of Texas and through the Gulf Coast, the Trinity River offers water resources for all kinds of uses. There are two branches of the Trinity River flowing through Dallas. These two rivers give ample opportunities for people to indulge in water activities. If you are set for some adventure this summer, here is what you can do alongside Trinity River.

7 Things to Do Along the Trinity River

Hike Trinity River Audubon Center

You can plan a hike on the trails next to the Trinity River Audubon Center. The hike is available throughout the week and lets you explore five miles of trails around the river with 120 acres of adventurous terrain. You can find a good place next to the river and enjoy your picnic hiking experience.


You can experience the joy of eating in Dallas, serving some of the best traditional recipes. Restaurants and hotels like Trinity Groves, Belmont Hotel, and Sylvan 30 offer a mesmerizing view of the river while you sit and enjoy quality food with your family or friends.

Dallas Skyline

If you want to experience the best view of the Trinity, it is best to view it from the Dallas Skyline. It is a perfect location to relax while you can also enjoy several dishes overlooking the Trinity River. It is also a perfect place to take pictures. You can also participate in the annual Trinity River Photo Contest on the spot.

Hike the Texas Buckeye Trail

This hike is different from the previous one and provides a beautiful view of the buckeye trees in a one-mile trail. The best time to go for the hike is during March and April. This is the time when the trees bloom and offer an amazing experience where you can see the flowers bloom.


You can take your family to a peaceful picnic at the Pavilion and Amphitheater at Moore Park. The park features an amphitheater where you can relax and meditate, a bridge to take a walk, and several sports activities. There is a baseball, soccer, and tennis field available for the games you enjoy.

Biking through the forest trails

You can also go on a 9-mile bike ride through the Great Trinity Forest. You can enjoy biking through the loop in the forest while you enjoy looking at different types of trees and plants. It is a perfect place for daily biking routines as it offers silence and a refreshing environment for bikers.


You can find different kinds of birds throughout the forests of the Lower Chain of Wetlands. The place is perfect for photographers to spot different types of ponds and 75 acres of landscape to spot native plants and bird species.

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