BE A LAND STEWARD - Find out how land stewardship through conservation can positively impact the Trinity River


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We've established that water is life and that the Trinity River provides water to the people and wildlife of Texas.  People need water and people need people.  Wildlife needs protection from people, by people.  That’s why since its early conception as a landowner cooperative, Trinity Waters has been instrumental in bringing private landowners together for peer guidance in sustainable natural resource management.  We've engaged students in interactive, science-based curriculum to promote sound land stewardship, improved water quality and health habitat in hands-on format.  Now we're expanding our reach to professionals, political leaders, urbanites and suburbanites to foster a stronger awareness of the importance of the Trinity River.  And, we're working side by side with other like-minded organizations and agencies, such as Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, to restore habitat and create recreational enhancements in the Trinity River Basin for the benefit and enjoyment of all.