September 14, 2021

Best Places to Visit Alongside The Trinity River in Fort Worth

Trinity River is the biggest river basin contained in a single state and is known for its resources. Texas continues to introduce new opportunities for tourism. The beautiful scenic views of the river banks attract people from around the world to capture moments they can cherish for a lifetime. There are festivals, concerts, and special tours offered by the tourism department and locals during the operating seasons. Here are the best places alongside the Trinity River that you can visit.

Best Places to Visit Alongside The Trinity River in Fort Worth

Water Rentals

The Backwoods Paddlesports at Panther Island Rentals offer you paddleboards, canoes, and kayaks to help you explore the river. You can visit their website and book your rentals to receive immediate access upon your arrival. The rental service does not provide any on-spot rental facilities.

Panther Island Pavilion

When you go downtown through Taylor Street towards the Trinity River, you will find yourself in the Panther Island Pavilion. It offers a modern scenic view with the Fort Worth Skyline as the backdrop. A lot of festivals take place in the pavilion. You can also go on boat tours from this location during the operating seasons.

Best Places to Visit Alongside The Trinity River in Fort Worth

Meet Ripley

As you take a walk through the Panther Island Pavilion, do not forget to pay your respect to Fort Worth’s founder, Major Ripley Allen Arnold. You can also explore the history of the city and the stories of the founder with the help of local guides.

Hike and bike

You can follow the trails alongside the river that stretches for over 100 miles. These trails are best for daily exercise routines but also provide an adventure for cyclists. You can use these paths to explore the city and visit venues while taking a peaceful path away from the traffic.

Horse trails

Forget about biking for a while and enjoy the traditional horseriding experience at the four trailheads. You can rent horses and enjoy a 19th-century style horse riding experience through the trails meant specially for the purpose. It is a 40-mile stretch, and you can start from anywhere.

Best Places to Visit Alongside The Trinity River in Fort Worth

Coyote Drive-In

You can watch movies from your car at the Coyote Drive-In. The open theatre is located a little northeast of the Panther Island Pavilion. You can ride a bike to the venue or arrive in your car to enjoy some of the classic movies. They have standalone speakers while the cars can use their radios to switch to the right channel.

Panther Island Brewing

Whenever you feel thirsty after a heavy cycling or running activity, you can head to the Panther Island Brewing and order a refreshing beverage. You can visit the café anytime from 12-8 pm and enjoy refreshments while looking at the Trinity River.

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