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The health of the Trinity River is dependent on the well-being of the land that holds it. We promote land stewardship..

Life in the Trinity Basin

Life on the Trinity exists in its stream channel, on its stream banks, across its floodplains...

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TRINITY WATERS is committed to the restoration and enhancement of the environmental, economic and recreational qualities of the Trinity River basin for the benefit of Texas lands, water and people.  Our conservation programs, watershed management planning, restoration projects and public awareness outreach are creating value and contributing to the recovery of the Trinity Rivers critical riparian ecosystems.

WHAT'S A RIVER BASIN?  A river basin is the area of land drained by a river and its tributaries, streams and creeks. The Trinity River basin eventually drains to Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

WHAT'S A WATERSHED?  A watershed is the area of land that ultimately drains, both above ground and below ground to a common place and where all living things are inextricably linked. The Trinity River watershed is one of 2,110 watersheds in the continental United States.  The Trinity River has many sub-watersheds, smaller areas of land that drain to smaller streams, lakes and wetlands.

What's Watershed

WHAT'S RIPARIAN ECOSYSTEM RECOVERY?  Riparian is a geographic term for streams and their adjacent banks, floodplains and wetlands.  Ecosystem is the term for all living and non-living things working together.  Think "natures benefits."  Riparian ecosystem recovery involves taking action to bring the river, stream banks, adjacent land, wildlife and aquatic habitats into balance and the healthiest condition possible.


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