May 20, 2021

4 Things to Know About the New Trinity River Park

The new project by Dallas to create a $150 million Harold Simmons Park is on the go. The park will cover over 200 acres of landscape alongside the Trinity River near Downtown Dallas. Annette Simmons donated a sum of $50 million for a private city project, known to be the biggest donation for a city project. Annette Simmons wanted to create a park known after her late husband Harold Simmons, the late Dallas businessman.

4 Things to Know About the New Trinity River Park

The park will cover both sides of the Trinity River from Ron Kirk’s pedestrian bridge to the Margaret McDermott bridge. The park will serve as the connecting point between Downtown, West Dallas, and Oak Cliff. Here is what you need to know about the project. The park construction is set to start this year under the park’s director of communications and engagement, Jeamy Molina.


The new Harold Simmons Park is expected to draw three million people to the land every year after its inauguration. In addition, public recreational space will increase commercial and residential properties alongside the area. The park requires a total of $150 million to complete and is currently set to take donations from the public funds. The Trinity Park Conservancy CEO Brent Brown mentioned that there is no public money invested in the park. If the park needs to stay a public property, it requires donations from the public.


This 200-acre park will be designed to prevent the cases of destruction risk due to several natural disasters, including flooding. If the destruction occurs to the property, there should be enough solutions to cover the losses. During the rainy season, the water from the river can rise up and spread across the borders of the park and even the surrounding areas. Brown mentioned that the park is designed to eliminate floods. It is one of the projects around the world that will still be functional in case of flooding.

Real Estate

The park will also attract real estate to the area, and future housing can improve in West Dallas. We are yet to find out if the housing near the park will be affordable or not. Brown mentioned that the project of Harold Simmons Park would encourage new housing developments nearby. More real estate businesses are showing interest in the market.

River waters are still not available

The water quality of the Trinity River is still an issue because of several reasons. Brown also talked about how the park will utilize the water body for tourism, for which he said the water quality still remains a concern and no plans for allowing water activities are on the go. However, we can see future projects develop that will help clean the water and create a safer water body inside Dallas that can be utilized for activities such as boating.

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